Saturday, September 12, 2015

Good book so far

This book is really interesting because it has comedy, life moments and some humor in it. This book is really good because it talks about surfing and I live spending most of my time at the icean. THIS BOOK IS AMAZING

Good book so far

This book is really interesting because it has comedy, life moments and some humor in it. This book is really good because it talks about surfing and I live spending most of my time at the icean. THIS BOOK IS AMAZING

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bio Poem


                                                                   Nephew of Jose and Martha

                                                             lover of the ocean, swimming and tennis.

                                       Who feels bad when he sees people smoke, but happy that lives in SLO,

                                                                 and happy when near the ocean.

                                                             Who fears only living with your dad, 

                                                           and still very very thankful for all i have
                                                      Who would like to see me get straight A's,

                                                          go to college, and get a good education.

                                                                Resident of San Luis Obispo.



Monday, May 25, 2015

arguments of drug tests

THESIS: Saves their lives

High school students should be taking drug tests three times a year. It encourages them not to take them.

kids 13 and over should be drug tested twice a year because it prevents students for taking drugs, it takes away time for family and makes you get high and drunk. Drug testing encourages kids not to take them it decreases pear pressure it saves kids lives for taking them. Some areas in America there are people that take lots of drugs and somehow someone needs to stop it. The reason why kids 18 and under need to take drug tests is because it reduces the amount of people getting sick which leads to death.

Schools that have chosen random student drug testing found to lower drug use among students via two routes. Most kids who take drugs are most likely to spread the word by selling them on the streets which is illegal. National survey on drug use and health showed that 19.9 million Americans use illegal drugs.’’Using drugs not only interferes with a student's ability to learn, but it can also disrupt the teaching environment, affecting other students as well’’.

First of all, kids that are tested specially in high school eventually will stop the drug use and will make an end to it. Those who are not stopping the drug use will suffer in life. argument: This opinion is good because it states what drug use can lead to and how it can stop. I think that kids should at least take drug tests 3 times a year. Why? Because drug usage is going way out of hand.

The other reason why i think that high school students should take drug tests three times a year is because if kids take them more often then its more likely to make them stop. I can also higher the level of stroke. Also it can lead to high blood pressure and other bad things. Most kids that smoke and take drugs can commit suicide and can lead to a chain reaction.

Not all people are bad. Some people think that all high school students are drug users, but in real life there is very few high school kids that actually use drugs. I think that it’s ok that kids are lowering the use of drug usage but everyone deserves to take it all away. Most people out of the the world decide to not take drugs. If i was a high school student i would want to take drug test or i would make one myself and learn it on the internet.

second of all,yes! students should not be taking illegal drugs. It's illegal and not right. like if u take drugs, what’s the problem. At least your safe from them and not taking them.We need to make sure a drug-free learning environment across the nation.
It's a social thing which isn't good. It can be distracting from their education and homework. it can also take away time from family members and wastes time. plus kids should not be even taking drugs at all because something bad can happen like a family member can commit a suicide and other bad things can also happen during the death of a lost family member like a chain reaction of suicides ;( i just think it’s a wrong thing.   

My point is that it’s a good precaution because it really makes people stop taking drugs and can even spread to people that do take drugs to make them stop. My really big argument is that kids should be taking drug tests in high school at leat two to three times a year. Maybe even more tests can prevent kids from taking drugs. ‘’Drug-Free Projects Coalition, (DFPC) show drug-testing programs are administered that about 21% of all school districts in the United States.’’

in addition, Some kids the number of school districts with a drug-testing program will increase about 1% every year. That pretty much sucks because every day a little bit more adding and adding and eventually becomes addictive to everyone. Thats how all this drug usage started and now has got worse because the price of drugs are getting higher like mostly every year.

Drug-testing programs have proven to be beneficial for high school students. My idea is that kids that are addictive to drugs are most likely to have a stroke. depends which kind of drugs. Most drugs are proven to higher blood pressure like i said earlier and suicides which can lead to many deaths. One argument against drug testing in schools include that random testing doesn't lessen incidents of drug use among.

however, Some say that forcing kids to submit to drug testing will only depress and encourage bad acts like running away or suicide. I don’t think that’s true but some information will be revealed in years, Data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health reveals students who can’t live from using drugs and alcohol are more likely to receive higher grades than those that don’t. I think that it’s really true because when taking drugs, you attend to be more aggressive than you are without them.

High school students that take drug tests are most likely to succeed in their high school years. There is still a lot of room for research to be done on the effects of maintaining a drug-testing program. This drug usage around the world is too much so my idea is to make everyone take drug tests. if not then they will be paying 1000 dollars to their loyer every single month. If they refuse then their going to jail for life. Its going to out of hand.
In conclusion, High school students should be drug tested twice a year because it encourages the students to not take them and will lead to a really good healthy life. It can also decrease pear pressure and a better chance to increase time with family.

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Friday, April 17, 2015


So far the book is really good so far and I hope that I get to learn more about it.
The book brings back memories of when I wanted to run away from my home because I get mad at someone and eventually get over it the next day.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

good book so far

Skylar finally gets anough money to get a ticket for the bus so she can go on the bus to travel and see her twin sister star. I think this book will be really good and insteresing to me because there's a lot of adventure in this book and I'll love it :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

beggining of the story

A girl named Sunny Skyland has to save her sister Star before its to late and eventually she does.
Sunny traveled no matter what it took just to see her twin sister Star from her adopted parent that she now has.